Distress for Rent

It has long been thought that the law related to Distress for Rent should be modernised; notwithstanding, that it is used on a regular basis by some landlords and offers in some cases an effective, cheap and speedy method of recovering arrears of rent Currently, the law enables a landlord to take steps to distrain

Free Seminar: Tackling Rent Arrears – Commercial Property

DATE: WEDNESDAY 29TH JANUARY TIME: 5.30PM REGISTRATION FOR A 6PM START VENUE: EALING GOLF CLUB, PERIVALE LANE, GREENFORD, UB6 8TS Partner Anthony Best and Associate Harris Charalambous of Ealing’s leading Law Firm, Prince Evans Solicitors host a seminar to help Landlords and Property Managers learn the best ways to recoup rental arrears. Are you owed

Effective Debt Recovery

The average small business is owed £31,000 in unpaid invoices The challenging economy over the last few of years has seen all kinds of businesses under increasing pressure to deal with bad debts; it is not surprising when increasing cash flow pressures create deviant debtors who struggle to meet their obligations to pay their debts

Prest –v- Petrodel Resources Ltd & Others ‘Beware’ Business Owners going through divorce

After more than 5 years, Yasmin Prest said she was ‘delighted’ and ‘relieved’ with the decision reached by 7 senior judges in the Supreme Court, last month. Mrs Prest succeeded in her claim for financial provision as the judges ordered her millionaire husband, Michael Prest, an oil tycoon, to transfer his company properties to his

Court Of Appeal Finds That Article 8 European Convention On Human Rights 1950 Does Not Support Occupier’s Right To A Tenancy Where He Did Not Succeed To A Secure Tenancy

In Thurrock Borough Council -v- Aaron West the Court of Appeal have decided that the grandson of a woman who succeeded to a secure tenancy herself could not rely on human rights grounds to oppose a Possession Order being made against him. On the death of the grandmother the tenancy she held was terminated by

Online trading and your business

Your business may be involved in selling goods or services to consumers via a website (including through an Ebay shop), mail order, telesales, interactive TV or text. If it is, you should have already made sure your procedures are compliant with the laws and regulations of a ‘traditional trader’ together with the additional laws that