Shared Ownership Acquisition and Disposals

Shared ownership is an important aspect of affordable home ownership. It enables people who would not be able to afford a property, to ‘get onto the ladder’ by part buy/ part rent.  Staircasing is a process whereby you start by owning a small proportion of your property. Once you have completed your purchase you can buy further shares in your property. This process enables you to gradually own a greater proportion of your home.

We are specialists in this area and have been at the forefront of shared ownership for in excess of 35 years. We were involved in the drafting of the first shared ownership lease and were part of the Joseph Rowntree Taskforce which considered the future of affordable home ownership in its report entitled “Swamps and Alligators” and were involved in the early regeneration projects, which included mixed property ownership known as flexible tenure.

We have great experience acting for:

  • Purchasers of new build properties from Housing Associations and Developers
  • Purchasers using Help to Buy or through the First Steps scheme in London
  • Owners wishing to buy further shares in their property (Staircasing)
  • Resales

Our Team offers a friendly, prompt and competitive service guiding you through the process in an easy-to-understand, step by step manner. We will explain the different steps, and outline what to expect at each stage. We recognise that moving home is an anxious time for all. Our aim is to reduce the stress involved, so that you can concentrate on the other important issues in moving.

Price Information for Shared Ownership or New Build Homes Conveyancing

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