Deregulation Act 2015 heads for Royal Assent

The Deregulation Act 2015 has passed through the various Parliamentary stages and is now awaiting Royal Assent. In relation to assured shorthold tenancies Sections 30 to 41 are particularly relevant. Changes will include: 1. On deposits any deposit paid on an assured shorthold tenancy granted after the 6th April 2007 must be protected. Section 21

Heat Network Regulations

The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, which came into effect on 18 December 2014 The Regulations are particularly relevant to Social Landlords due to the high number of new developments built in the last 5-7 years and ongoing, with communal heating systems All residential and commercial premises with multiple occupiers are affected, if

Security of Tenure? You Are In The Army Now!

The Armed Forces may offer training, travel and potential excitement, as well as “a General’s baton in every infantryman’s knapsack”, but it does not give security of tenure to the occupiers of its accommodation, even under Human Rights Act legislation. So found the Court of Appeal in Helen Nicholas -v- The Secretary of State for