Personal Injury

Prince Evans’ Personal Injury Team has for the last 40 years represented and recovered damages for people throughout England and Wales who have suffered personal injuries and subsequent financial losses through no fault of their own. All work is supervised by fully qualified solicitors who are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, to ensure that our clients obtain the advice and settlements they deserve.

The team accepts instructions from those who have suffered injuries following:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Slip/trip accidents and stress at work
  • Life impacting orthopaedic, psychiatric and subtle brain injuries

The department accepts instructions on a No Win/No Fee basis and offers all new clients an initial free interview to discuss a potential case whether that is at your home or our offices. In all cases we take pride in fully fighting our clients’ interests and achieving the best possible results for them.

Recent success stories include recovering a substantial 6-figure damages award for a member of the armed services who suffered a post traumatic stress disorder whilst serving in Iraq and several hundred thousand pounds for a US attorney who suffered orthopaedic injuries following a road traffic accident.

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Catastrophic Injury

If your life has been devastated by a serious injury you need a lawyer that you can rely upon. There are many firms of solicitors undertaking personal injury work. But only a handful has the expertise and experience to deliver the service and results needed by those who have suffered catastrophic injuries, such as head injuries, or spinal injuries.

Prince Evans’ Catastrophic Injury Team has provided a national service that for more than 30 years has concentrated on fighting for those who have suffered the most devastating injuries. During this period the Team have been at the forefront of the development of this area of the law, and on several occasions we have won record awards of damages for clients.  Today the Team recover millions of pounds in damages for clients every year, and is regarded as one of the country’s leading specialists.

Damages recovered will depend upon the quality of the case presented by your lawyer. Severe injuries impact across all areas of life and can cause permanent loss of income, nursing and care needs, a change of accommodation, special transport or equipment needs, and much more. Experts have to be instructed by your lawyer to prepare special reports addressing these needs now and into the future, and with the help of expert doctors the lawyer has to quantify how much money these needs and losses mean you will require over the course of a lifetime. This, plus added compensation for your injury, will form the basis of your case.

Therefore your chosen lawyer needs to know and be able to choose the very best experts. Because of our Team’s experience and years of representing the most seriously injured in society, we have extensive knowledge of the most appropriate specialists to go to.

Prince Evans’ Catastrophic Injury Team is expert in maximising the damages recovered, so that they are enough to provide for a lifetime’s needs. At that point the Team will also be there to help you decide how to protect your damages.

These are financially uncertain times. The world has seen banks collapse and invested sums lost. Our Team will help you to protect your damages against these risks. We will help you to decide how best to receive your damages. For example by way of regular annual or monthly payments for the rest of your life (“periodical payments”), or a lump sum, or a mixture of both. If some or all is received as a lump sum, we will help ensure you receive the best advice to decide how to invest it safely, for the future.
Our long years of experience in this type of work means that you receive truly independent advice on these matters from the very best people.

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