Specialist Letting Agent seminar – Getting possession is ensuring you know more than nine tenths of the law!

DATE: MONDAY 26TH JANUARY TIME: 5.30PM REGISTRATION FOR A 6PM START VENUE: DOUBLE TREE HILTON 2-8 HANGER LANE The private rented sector is flourishing but facing increasing cases of rent arrears and subletting, along with further regulation and scrutiny by central and local Government. If problems arise, Landlords need to know that immediate action can

Retaliatory Eviction Legislation Fails In Commons But Is Re-Introduced In The Lords

Followers of our blogs and attendees of our seminars will know that Sarah Teacher of the Liberal Democrats sought to introduce legislation designed to prevent landlords obtaining a Possession Order following the service of a Section 21 Housing Act 1988 Notice as a retaliatory response to the tenant complaining about disrepair. Her proposals in the