A ‘change of mind’ is not an option

When the gavel falls, the parties have exchanged contracts. In other words, the successful bidder has automatically entered into a binding contract for the purchase of the property from the seller (the auctioneer is authorised to complete the paperwork (Memorandum of Sale) on behalf of the seller. Properties are not sold ‘subject to contract’, ‘subject

Free Seminar: Evidence in Possession Claims: “The Readiness is All!”

Date: 26th June 2013 Venue: The British Library, St Pancras, London Time: 3:30pm registration Partners Anthony Best and Jeremy Teall, together with solicitors Sharon Porter-Gayle and Aisha Akhtar of Prince Evans Solicitors will share their knowledge and experience on preparing evidence in possession claims and practical issues when a tenant terminates a joint tenancy. When