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Possession Order and Order for Unlawful Profits granted, under Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act

Prince Evans Solicitors acted for a Housing Association (HA) client. The tenant who was an Assured Tenant had lived at the property with her daughter and had fallen into rent arrears. She was informed by the HA that she could not sublet the whole property. The tenant provided the HA with ‘lodger forms’ in September [...]

New housing rules to control immigration

On the 3rd September 2014 the Immigration and Security Minister announced that the new measures contained within the Immigration Act 2014 that will see landlords face fines if they rent homes to illegal immigrants without checking ‘their right to rent’. A pilot scheme will be launched in Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton first as [...]

Business tenancy renewal refused in light of tenant breaches

Often landlord clients wrongly believe that they do not have a ‘real’ opportunity to oppose an application for a new business tenancy – they hold the view that a Court will allow the tenant to remedy the breach and grant them a new term This is not always the case Landlords will often oppose on [...]

Anti-Social behaviour – New Laws or new nuisance? A new approach

Date: Wednesday 11th June Time: 3.30pm registration for a 4.00pm start Venue: British Library, St Pancras, London Dealing with anti-social behaviour issues can be a complex, costly, time consuming and frustrating business for Housing Associations and Local Authorities. This free seminar explains how the new legislation will introduce simpler and more effective powers to tackle [...]

The Effects Of Bedroom Tax A Year On

A recent survey commissioned by the National Housing Federation (NHF) says that the Bedroom Tax is “heaping misery and hardship” on affected families. Bedroom Tax was introduced by the Government in April 2013. It affects 660,000 housing benefit claimants living in social housing across the UK. The policy imposes an average penalty of between £14 [...]

Going amiss with property descriptions: part two

On my last appearance here, I took you on a swift trip through the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991; this time, we’ll be taking a meander through the highways and byways of its successor: the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. What are the Regulations all about? The first important point to note is that [...]

Tenants lose their ‘spare bedroom tax’ appeal at the Court of Appeal

Five social housing tenants have lost their bid at the Court of Appeal to have the Government’s controversial ‘spare bedroom tax’ ruled as unlawful. The ruling was handed down on 21 February 2014. The Court upheld last year’s High Court ruling which stated the new Rules were not discriminatory. Lawyers argued the Regulations introduced in [...]

Social Landlords Housing Management and Leasehold Services Seminar: Leasehold property: buying, varying and extending Leases

Date: Tuesday 18th March Time: 3.30pm registration for a 4.00pm start Venue: British Library, St Pancras, London Managing Leasehold property can be a particularly complex area for Housing Associations. This free seminar reviews three situations: What Leaseholders should know when they buy Dealing with Leaseholders can be problematic, especially when they claim they are not [...]

Disabled tenants take their challenge against the controversial ‘bedroom-tax’ to the Court Of Appeal

Five disabled individuals who are affected by the Government’s ‘bedroom-tax’ policy began their appeal yesterday at the Court of Appeal to challenge last year’s High Court ruling which stated that the implementation of the Government’s much criticised ‘bedroom-tax’ policy is lawful. The appeal is listed for a 3 day hearing and is set to highlight [...]

Free Seminar: Are you a First-Time Buyer?

DATE: MONDAY 20TH JANUARY TIME: 5.30PM REGISTRATION FOR A 6PM START VENUE: EALING GOLF CLUB, PERIVALE LANE, GREENFORD, UB6 8TS If so, this evening seminar is a one-stop knowledge shop – tailored just for you. Many first-timers make the mistake of thinking it’s all over once the price has been agreed. Not so; that’s only half-time. [...]