Free Seminar: Evidence in Possession Claims: “The Readiness is All!”

Date: 26th June 2013
Venue: The British Library, St Pancras, London
Time: 3:30pm registration

Partners Anthony Best and Jeremy Teall, together with solicitors Sharon Porter-Gayle and Aisha Akhtar of Prince Evans Solicitors will share their knowledge and experience on preparing evidence in possession claims and practical issues when a tenant terminates a joint tenancy.

When it comes to court, being prepared is key to a successful outcome. Social Landlords need to know what evidence will be required before they encounter troublesome tenants. Without proper evidence and documentation, you may lose the case before you walk through the Court room door. We will tackle important issues in evidence and joint tenancies to help Social Landlords recover their property and understand their options.

The main topics will include:

Possession Claims
• What your solicitor and Judge need in antisocial behaviour cases
• Mental health consultation evidence
• Use of experts and the extent and new rules for document disclosure

Joint Tenancy & Notice to Quit
• Is service of a Notice to Quit a breach of Human Rights? Recent cases explored
• Practical tips for Landlords who receive a Notice to Quit from a tenant
• How to handle the remaining tenant or unauthorised persons

Housing Update Guest speaker Barrister Ben Maltz of 5 Paper Chambers will give an update on the latest cases in Housing Law, including on Phillips and Goddard v Francis regarding leasehold “major works” consultation.

To book a place, you must register with Louise Heasman on 07950 248038 or email her at