Social housing development is seen as a key area by government and local authorities for the future of the country. We are experienced in acting for lenders (including clearing banks) and borrowers of housing and public sector finance. This is principally related land acquisition and development, including:

  • Bi-lateral loans
  • Syndicated loans
  • Group borrowing arrangements
  • Capital market issues

We undertake innovative and highly specialized work in this area and are often able to bring added value to such transactions by reason of our experience in working for both lender and borrowers.

Examples of the type of work we undertake include:

  • Drafting and negotiating documentation for a registered social landlord borrower for a loan in excess of £150M
  • Conducting the sale of a bank’s loan portfolio to another financial institution (in excess of £50m)
  • Large scale security based transactions, such as the charging of a large numbers of properties from which to drawdown funding (circa £1m to £2m per drawdown)

If you are involved in social housing development then do contact our social housing team.