A new edition How to Rent Guide has been issued on 24th March.

Any landlord or agent starting or renewing a tenancy must ensure the latest version of the guide is given to the tenant.

We know it is critical that when a tenancy is started amongst the documents that have to be given to the tenant is the latest How to Rent Guide.

If this is not done then any Section 21 Notice under Housing Act 1988 issued will be ineffective. Landlords and agents can save themselves by serving the (up to date) “How to Rent” Guide before the s21 Notice butbest practice is to do so before the commencement of the tenancy.

The issuing of the new guide was subject to confusion as it was initial expected to be issued on 17th March but is now available on line. It has a different cover from the last edition so is easily identifiable. It has been updated to reflect recent changes including the requirement for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in every room with a fuel burning appliance, that EICR’s are provided to the tenants and also has information on fitting Smart meters and ensuring that the property is suitable for anyone with a disability.

Copies of the latest edition can now be downloaded from the Gov.UK website.

The Government does not necessarily widely publicise the launching of a new edition of the How to Rent Guide. We therefore recommend that all landlords and agents should check the version that they are about to serve on a tenant against the Government Website to ensure that the latest version is being given to the tenant.  

It is also essential that the Landlord or agents ensure that the tenants acknowledge receipt of the How to Rent Guide and other documentation given to tenants so that its receipt is not open to dispute when a Section 21 Notice is being relied upon for a possession order.  

For information concerning the How to Rent Guides or tenancies in general please contact Jeremy Teall Partner of Prince Evans Solicitors on 0208 5673477 

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