COVID-19 and commercial forfeiture: A further update (Part 2)

COVID-19 and commercial forfeiture: A further update (Part 2)

Following on from our previous blog published on 4 May 2020 , the Government has acted further to protect commercial tenants, as follows:

1.            the moratorium in relation to forfeiture (i.e. the bringing of a lease to an end) by peaceable re-entry has now been extended to 30 September 2020; and

2.            the use of CRAC has now been restricted until there is 189 days or more of unpaid rent

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  • Posted 7th July 2020

    Dr Abdur Rashid

    Good afternoon.

    I hope you all are safe and well. I miss your periodic seminars in the evenings mainly in Hilton Double Tree in Ealing Common and around.

    In the New Normal we might be missing the get -together, but Zoom, Skype, Teams , etc have made it easier and more efficient to arrange the virtual Seminars.

    I am looking for articles, publications, seminar records, etc to gather all and the essential information needed to evaluate the feasibility / possibility of extending the current lease ( only one year left, I am told) of a couple commercial properties.

    Is there any chance that you could kindly arrange to send me some electronic links for some basic and relevant information

    Kind regards,

    Dr A Rashid

    Dream Time Apartments London

    17 Freegrove Road, N7 9JN
    +44 7956 513 281

    • Posted 3rd August 2020


      Hi Abdur,

      All our publications and seminars are emailed to our subscribers. Are you currently on our email list?

      Many thanks

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