Covid-19 and Commercial Property Rent Arrears: A landlord and tenant update

Prince Evans Solicitors invites you to a free live webinar addressing the impact the current pandemic has had on the payment of rent due under a commercial lease and will be of interest to commercial landlords and tenants alike.

Harris Charalambous, Partner and Head of
Commercial and Property Dispute Resolution,
will outline some of the measures introduced
by the government during the Covid-19
pandemic affecting both landlords and

The webinar will outline:
• The different measures introduced by the
• How these measures impact on the options
normally available to landlords;
• What the measures mean for tenants;
• How landlords might best protect
themselves where guarantors are available
under an Authorised Guarantee Agreement;
• How landlords and tenants might deal
with rent arrears when the measures are
eventually lifted by the government.

There will also be a short Q & A session at the
end for anyone wishing to ask any questions.

To register visit;