Probate fees: Planned increase scrapped ahead of election

The coming rise in probate fees has been scrapped, at least for now, as a consequence of Theresa May calling a snap general election. The change proposed would have significantly increased probate costs for thousands of people, and was not universally supported in parliament, let alone within the wider legal community. Since parliament will be dissolved prior to the general election, there is now reckoned to be not enough time for the new fee structure to be introduced.

Whilst this is great news at the moment, and provides welcome relief, it doesn’t mean that this is not going to happen in the future, after the election. It’s important to make the distinction that the planned raise has not been pulled due to challenge or because people consider it unjust, it’s simply a fallout of the election. Once a new government is formed, the scheme could be reintroduced, as this has not been ruled out.

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