ATTENTION ALL LANDLORDS: New Section 21 Rules to be introduced on 1st October 2015

“The Government will introduce the new s21 Housing Act 188 Notice Requiring Possession” Regulations on 1st October 2015. This means that from next Thursday at the start of a new initial private Landlord residential tenancy , the Landlord or agent must supply a valid Energy Performance Certificate and Gas Appliance Safety certificate and a copy of the Government’s “How to Rent” leaflet to the tenant. If this is not done the Landlord will not be able to serve a valid s21 Notice. The provisions for the registration of deposits, serving prescribed information and complying with any rented property licensing requirements remain.

There has been speculation that the introduction of the Regulations would be delayed as Landlord representatives advised the compulsory s21 Notice attached to the Regulations was flawed. The Government says amendments will be made to the notice. There clearly will be time for the Government to consult on and amend the provisions of the s21 Notice as under the regulations a s21 Notice cannot be served within the first four months of the new tenancy.

We will also be covering more on this at our upcoming seminar: Letting out your flat – What you need to know!
For further information on the regulations please see our more detailed article on our website or contact Jeremy Teall, Sharon Porter-Gayle or Aisha Akhtar in our Landlord and Tenant team on 020 8567 3477.