Taking up a DIY Divorce?

Family law is undergoing a significant amount of change; the reduction of legal aid, the change in the family court system and many other changes to the process and forms. The reduction in family law legal aid has meant that many choose to represent themselves and many others choose to go down the DIY divorce route.

There has been a significant rise in people conducting their own DIY divorce proceedings. Divorce Online have said that they have seen a 56% increase in clients in 2014 compared to 2013.

However, despite the recent changes in the divorce process and many forms becoming more ‘lay person’ friendly and the possible move towards a divorce process that may become purely administrative, it is still important to ensure that obtaining advice from an experienced, expert lawyer cannot be overlooked as it can add immense value to divorce proceedings and many other related family law matters, particularly where finances and property matters are involved. Due to the personal nature of divorce proceedings, each case is very unique; even the most amicable and straightforward cases can have their particular quirks. DIY divorces can provide the mechanism for ending a marriage, but the DIY divorce process does not take into account the many, vitally important aspects and issues which can often crop up and which need to be advised upon, investigated and resolved, when a married couple separates. Cheap and easy online divorces will not usually deal with issues like pension sharing orders, and therefore it may cause the parties to return to Court at a later stage, when they thought that matters had been fully resolved at the time of divorce. Many other problems concerning children, property and finances, may only come to light at a much later stage or at a more inconvenient time; if matters are not fully and properly dealt with at the time of the divorce. In essence, low cost divorces can often result in expensive mistakes, which can take significant time and energy to rectify.

Specialist family lawyers will ensure that if you are going through a divorce, you are fully advised on all aspects of the divorce. At Prince Evans Solicitors, we have many specialist solicitors. If you have a family law query or are looking for some expert family law advice, then please contact Mrs Satvinder Sokhal on 020 8280 2710.