Understanding Probate and Inheritance Tax

“When a loved one passes away, the grief can be almost too much to bear. It is often very difficult to know what to do, or even where to start, when it comes to focussing on their estate. The legal procedure of Probate and attending to the settlement of Inheritance Tax is often overwhelming for people going through the bereavement process.

But always remember – you don’t have to go through it alone.

In my experience, speaking with a Probate and Inheritance Tax specialist at the earliest opportunity provides people with a clear understanding of what lies ahead, as well as a structured way through this often complicated process. Whether the deceased has passed on with or without a Will, knowing how to proceed is often crucial to the peace of mind of those attempting to attend to their estate.

Having a compassionate yet practical legal adviser on board will help prevent complications, delays and problems occurring, and can even avert unnecessary costs, taxes and penalties arising in the future when trying to unravel matters. Whether you choose to appoint professionals to attend to the probate matter or not, knowing that local specialists are able to help can greatly ease the stress of the unknown”.

So says Ben Davies, Partner and Head of the Wills, Trusts and Probate team at Prince Evans Solicitors LLP.

Prince Evans are home to Ealing’s largest dedicated specialist legal team advising on matters including the process of Probate, the administration and distribution of estates, and the impact of Inheritance Tax.

To provide further guidance, Prince Evans are holding a free ‘need to know’ seminar on understanding Probate and Inheritance Tax on Tuesday 9th September from 5:30pm at Ealing Golf Club.

Should you wish book a place, you must register with Louise Heasman on 07950 248038 or e-mail her at louise@moderndaymarketing.co.uk