Property transactions – Getting the deal done!

From inception of a property deal at heads of terms through to completion timing is critical, as is clarity of understanding of all issues which can arise and the ability to deal with them.

“Current market conditions mean timing is crucial, as is the ability to deliver the transaction on target,” says Ivan Barry, Partner at Prince Evans Solicitors LLP.

Experienced and successful investors and developers appreciate the importance of timing to transactions and understand the need to have the deal develop, from inception to completion, with advisors working to ‘bring it all together’.

From agreeing the heads of terms, addressing contractual issues, all pre-contract points and the full due diligence exercise, to working to and achieving exchange of contracts and meeting completion goals, the buyer and the seller have as their primary motivation – getting the deal done!

But it doesn’t stop there. Following completion (dependant on the type of transaction) there can be a variety of further matters to address, many of which will have been fundamental to the deal in the first place – property transactions constantly evolving.

The intricacies of any transaction necessitates fully understanding a client’s needs (current and future) and the position of other parties to the transaction together with the contractual conditions which will come in to play, as well as the funding requirements for a buyer.

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