Macmillan Coffee Morning

“Let Them Eat Cake”

On Friday 30th September 2011, Prince Evans Solicitors LLP took part in Macmillan Cancer Support’s “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” fundraising event. There can be no doubt that the staff were very generous in raising money for this great cause.

Our fundraising week began on the previous Monday with an auction for 5 pieces of a very special and unique Apple & Quince Cake baked by our very own Rachel Turner (Conveyancing Solicitor and one of the Coffee Morning Hosts).  The 5 pieces of cake went for a total of £19.50, with partner Robert Jennings bidding a very generous £10 for one piece alone!  Fortunately, the 5 highest bidders all thoroughly enjoyed their cake and so our fundraising week was off to a flying start!

All throughout the week, e-mails were sent to build up the anticipation and by the time that Friday arrived the excitement in the office was clear to see.  On the day itself we were lucky enough to be blessed with the late September mini-heat wave and everyone was able to make the most of our ‘casual wear’ day. The office was blooming with pretty summer dresses and bright t-shirts, and donations of £1 were paid by each staff member to take part.

The Coffee Morning itself began first thing in the morning with doughnuts for breakfast, but so generous were the staff with their sweet and sticky contributions that it carried on all day! So many people contributed, however, that our kitchen table was groaning with cakes, biscuits and desserts, providing an ongoing temptation (or rather distraction!) to our staff.  The suggested donation was 50p for a small item and £1 for a large slice of cake, and several staff members kept loose change in their pockets all day for their repeat visits to the tempting display! Special thanks for their delicious homemade goodies go to Elaine Allen and Alexy Pemberton from our Commercial Property department, and to Ben Davies one of the Coffee Morning Hosts from our Private Client department.

Finally, raffle tickets were sold throughout the week for the Grand Prize of a bottle of top-quality Champagne, with the winner being Doreen Mates from our Affordable Home Ownership team. At the end of the day, the total raised through all of our fundraising activities was counted and came to an impressive £230. The event was finally capped off by Senior Partner Tom Lemon volunteering to round the total up to £250!

Prince Evans Solicitors LLP would like to thank all of the staff members and clients who donated to this great cause and who made this day into such a great success.


Rachel Turner & Ben Davies

Solicitors and Macmillan Coffee Morning Hosts