LLP Conversion

“LLP conversion will benefit clients as they are advised by a law firm which has adopted a modern corporate structure” – Senior Partner, Tom Lemon

Changes made on 1 August 2011

In common with many other progressive law firms, Prince Evans has converted to limited liability partnership (LLP) status under English law. This change took effect on 1 August 2011

Reason for changes and what it means to you

The main reason for the changes is to enable us to trade with limited liability, (we are obviously obliged to maintain adequate levels of professional indemnity insurance and will continue to do so) – we consider it is more appropriate that the firm’s assets only are at risk rather than the personal assets of our members (known as partners). Also, the nature and size of our business make adopting a corporate structure more practical

Converting to LLP status will not affect the delivery or quality of service that we provide and nor does it fundamentally change the way in which we operate or work with you. We remain committed to improve and modernise the services we provide to clients.

Clients’ Prince Evans contacts will remain the same and we will be ensuring that none of these arrangements affects clients’ day-to-day dealings with us.

The existing partnership stopped taking on new business on 1 August 2011 and Prince Evans Solicitors LLP is now responsible to clients for all new and current work, in place of the partnership business of Prince Evans, or any of its partners.

Clients with matters current at date of conversion

Unless we agree with you otherwise, any previous terms of engagement with you will continue to apply to work carried out after 1 August 2011 on matters then current.

Prince Evans Solicitors LLP has been provided with all client money, information, records and data necessary to enable it to carry out our services and for related purposes.

Information about you held prior to date of conversion

Information about you held by the partnership business of Prince Evans will have been transferred to Prince Evans Solicitors LLP on 1 August 2011. Prince Evans Solicitors LLP will control and be responsible for that information from that date onwards and will use that information to continue to operate and conduct the practice.

Material produced prior to date of conversion

Some documents on this website were produced before 1 August 2011. Nothing on this web site or in those documents is to be taken to indicate that Prince Evans Solicitors LLP or any of its limited liability affiliated businesses are unlimited liability undertakings or partnership businesses.

If you have any questions related to LLP conversion, then please contact partners, Tom Lemon, Bryan Neill, Robert Jennings, or Anthony Best

Anthony Best, Partner