Tom Dennis

Tom joined the firm in January 2022 as Head of Risk and Compliance, having spent over 11 years in private practice as a professional negligence solicitor. Prior to joining the firm, Tom was a Partner with Taylor Rose MW where, as a member of the Risk & Compliance team, he provided advice on all aspects of professional negligence issues as well as developing his wider knowledge of the regulatory requirements for law firms. As part of the management team at Prince Evans, Tom leads the firm’s risk and compliance function to ensure that our regulatory obligations are met as well as addressing possible current and future threats to the firm. In this capacity, Tom also provides direct support to the firm’s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice and Money Laundering Reporting Officer. In his approach, Tom takes the view that compliance should be embedded in a firm’s culture and that where this is achieved, ultimately there are benefits not only to the  firm itself but ultimately to its clients.